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If you have been arrested for DUI/DWI in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it is extremely important for you to speak with a knowledgeable Baton Rouge DWI Lawyer as soon as possible after your arrest. It is a criminal offense under Louisiana state law to operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or another controlled substance. DUI charges entail serious negative consequences and may be punishable by imprisonment, driver’s license suspensions, probation, and many days of community service, amongst other penalties.

A Baton Rouge DWI Attorney Can Help You Avoid Serious Penalties

Aside from the possibility of imprisonment, a DUI conviction can result in many other serious penalties that could exert a long-lasting impact on your personal life and professional career. In terms of impact on your personal life, the suspension of your driving privileges could seriously damage your social life and place strain on your personal relationships. For the duration of the driver’s license suspension, you would be forced to rely on others for transportation. In terms of impact on your professional career, a DUI conviction on your record could be discovered through background checks conducted by potential employers. Due to the stigma associated with DUI convictions, this would likely place you at a disadvantage relative to competing job candidates who do not have a criminal DUI conviction. An experienced DWI attorney in Baton Rouge can work with you to decrease the likelihood of these penalties occurring.

The Benefits of an Experienced Baton Rouge DWI Attorney

An experienced Baton Rouge DWI lawyer can help you defend your rights and reduce the likelihood that you will be subjected to severe penalties. For example, a Baton Rouge DWI lawyer can help you to challenge the driver’s license suspension by requesting an administrative hearing with the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles. If you do not request a hearing with the Department of Public Safety and Corrections within 15 days of your DUI arrest, there will be no way to avoid a mandatory suspension of your driver’s license. This hearing would give you an opportunity to protect your driving privileges and avoid a driver’s license suspension. The hearing also provides an opportunity to present a petition for a hardship license. A hardship license would afford you certain limited driving privileges, such as the driving to and from work, or the grocery store.

The outcome of your DWI case hinges critically on how you choose to defend your legal rights. The United States Constitution guarantees you the right to select the legal counsel of your choice to defend your rights in criminal proceedings brought against you by the government. It is extremely important that you find an attorney who suits your needs and understands how to communicate with you. In selecting a DWI attorney in Baton Rouge to represent you, you should evaluate several candidate attorneys and request information about each individual attorney’s qualifications and experience in handling matters of this nature.

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